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2019 Design Trends

2019 is here! and it promises to bring some new cool design trends, and push forward others we saw emerge in 2018. I actually don’t really like posts that proclaim design trends for the year, as we usually see an emergence of new styles half way throughout the year, as award shows start to take place. So maybe I’ll make a follow up post halfway through the year or update this one as 2019 progresses.

Without further ado, let’s get to talking this year’s design trends:

1 - Vivid colors

We’ve seen an emergence in bright colors to add pop and detail in design. This year that trend will continue to evolve by bringing vivid colors not only as a pop of color, but as a base color, creating vivid designs that do not fail to capture your attention.


2 - Gradients & Duotones

Not only will we see an emergence of bright colors, as mentioned above, but we’ll see them used in gradients and duotone images. Duotone images became popular in 2018, expect the trend to get bolder and more baroque.


3 - Colorful minimalism

Minimalist design and flat icons were a trend in 2018. Let’s add in this year’s proclivity towards bright colors, and we arrive at colorful minimalism. I personally love the example of, using very simple flat and abstract shapes to evoke a natural setting.


4 - Bold type

Type will take a center stage this year. Keep your eye on designs that break the grid by having type overlay images, and the choices designers make to keep the type clear and readable.

Beautiful use of typography for a website menu by Van Holtz Co.

Beautiful use of typography for a website menu by Van Holtz Co.

5 - Hand drawn custom illustrations

Custom hand drawn illustrations give your brand tone and character. Many brands are using custom illustrations to strengthen their brand or create simple and easy-to-follow introductions to their offerings. Consider having an illustrator create custom illustrations for your brand this year. Some great examples are Slack, or Mailchimp.

Want some awesome inspiration? Check out the ever talented Ola Volo

Want some awesome inspiration? Check out the ever talented Ola Volo

6 - Abstract patterns and textures

Some might not feel that custom illustrations can fully represent their brand, we got you fam. 2019 will be the year for brands to embrace patterns and textures to bring a bit of life and personality. Patterns have been used for years to represent and elevate brands, most noticeably in the fashion industry. Look at how the channel BBC TWO used the ever recognizable curve of the number 2 with different shapes to create patterns for the brand.


7 - Stock that looks authentic

We all hate stock photos, they’re cheesy and look generic. However, more and more services are popping up to help brands solve this problem. Pages like Unsplash and Twenty20 are not only free, but will allow you to browse through and license original photography. These pictures are usually less staged and feel more authentic than your typical stock photo.

8 - Next level parallax

You heard me, this is not your grandma’s parallax, it’s next level. Parallax has been very popular and easy to implement across sites even like Squarespace and Wix. This year, leave it up to designers to take this trend and do some really cool things with it. Check out this example from GoPro and see if it triggers some inspiration.

Photo by Jurica Koletic

Photo by Jurica Koletic

9 - color channel separation EFFECT

Here’s some 2019 video trends for you! I’ve seen glitch effects and transitions make a big splash in 2018, as we move forward, expect these effect to expand into color channel separation for some cool added distortion.