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Explainer Video


A major Financial Firm wanted to make some of their more complicated Financial Products easier to understand by their associates and clients. They released a new application to create and edit these financial products but needed help explaining how it worked.



Most of these Financial Products are incredibly complicated and subject to a lot of regulations, which makes finding the right visuals and words to explain them even more complicated. We had weekly check-ins with their legal department to make sure the visual and spoken languages didn't infringe any rules.

It was also important we kept each video under 2 minutes to make them easy to understand and consume. 



We created a first prototype video for the company tackling one of their most complex products. The videos had a 3D animation introduction that then moved into a 2D representation of the application and it's uses. The client liked the video so much that we ended up creating a series of 7 videos to educate the associates and clients on how the products work.