Not Just BS
Agency level thinking and design without any of the BS


Training, courses and workshops in the Denver area to teach you how to pitch, design and present.



We offer different levels of training depending on your needs.


Why you suck at PowerPoint

Introductory talk to go over the basics of building presentations. This talk does not focus on the PowerPoint software, but rather touches upon the principles of storytelling, organizing ideas, design principles for presentations, and tips for delivery.

PPT & Keynote Training

If you need to create a lot of presentations and want to get the most out of your software, plus save tons of time, this course is for you! This course is focused to help any level users get the most out of their presentation software. We'll cover from the basics of using templates to the most hidden tips, tricks and time savers. 

 Attribution: Stefan Stefancik

Attribution: Stefan Stefancik


New Business Workshop

Pitching New Business is an art, a hard, exhausting and intensive art. Anyone who's had to pitch more than 1 client in a month knows how difficult it can be to manage resources, come up with original strategies and keep the design at top-notch level. After working on New Business teams for big agencies like R/GA or McCann, we can help your pitch team learn how to rock each and every pitch.

 Attribution: Daniel Cheung

Attribution: Daniel Cheung

How to Present like a Pro

Everything you need to know to become a Presentation Pro. Perfect for professionals who have a big keynote speech, an investor meeting, or want to elevate their presentation game. This in-depth course covers everything from Storyboarding, Design Principles and Public Speaking coaching.